About Us

Tarlan - Baksı Law Office has been established by two founders who have intensive experiences and have worked for a long period of time as corporate attorney (in-house) and outside counsel.

Both founding partners are of Arthur Andersen (one of the former “Big Five” companies) origin. The partners, thanks to their professional points of view and careful, investigative personalities attaching importance to details, submit the fastest and the most reliable legal services to their clients in light of actual and accurate information.  

The ongoing academic studies of the partners and employees of our Office make it possible to integrate the legal theory with the dynamic practical life.

Our client portfolio mostly consists of leading foreign capital companies which are active in various sectors ranging from retailing to media and from finance to energy. Our legal services are also provided in English and French languages, whereas the language command is at high level as well as the service quality, thanks to the fact that the employees are sworn translators in both languages.

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